Our Tag Explained.
Each sweater has a tag in the hem made from a castor bean derived bio plastic, tonally matched to the colour of the sweater. Inside is NFC technology. A tap of your phone (no app required) gives you access to the full creation journey of the sweater. That means full transparency. From the farm, to the person who hand-finished the sweater. It also allows you to keep track of your sheep.

We also include the CO2 footprint at every step of the manufacturing. To be transparent about our impact and where we can still improve.

The tag ultimately serves as a symbol. For an opaque industry to open up and change their ways.
42º2’18”S 173º27’11”E - Top Tone - New Zealand
Sustainable and ethical suppliers.
We are proud to work with equally sustainably and ethically minded suppliers, with a shared commitment to having a positive impact on the environment and people. From suppliers running on renewable energy, to paying workers above fair living wage.
And we continuously aim to improve.
Our suppliers and partners.
Our New Zealand farms
Our New Zealand farms.
A lot of the farms who supply our wool are adopting new regenerative farming methods. These regenerative practices increase soil biodiversity and organic matter, leading to more resilient soils that can better withstand climate change impacts like flooding and drought. Healthy soils also absorb more CO2 from the atmosphere. Basically, turning vast areas of land into giant carbon sinks.

Because of these innovative farming methods, some of the farms are already carbon neutral. And in one case already carbon-negative. And our eventual aim is to only supply wool from farms that are carbon-negative.
Where it all begins.
Our Italian yarn mill
Our Italian yarn mill.
The mill that spins our New Zealand Merino wool into super-soft, super-tough yarn is Zegna Baruffa in northern Italy. They know what they’re doing. They’ve been at it since 1850. They know how to be sustainable too. The mill runs on 100% renewable energy. Everything is done in Italy. And as little as possible goes to waste. In 2018, about 70% of their leftover material was reused or recycled.

Over 95% of their 757 workers are on a permanent contract. That’s Giancarlo over to the right. He’s been at ZB for over 50 years. He loves his job, almost as much as he does his football.
Where the spinning happens.
Our Spanish &
Portuguese Knitters
Our Spanish Knitters.
In the countryside outside Barcelona is Parillu’s. A 25-year-old, second-generation family business run by Josep and his wife Carola. They pride themselves on combining the latest technology with artisanal expertise. They also make wine. It’s nearly as good as their knitting.

Our sweaters are made using Japanese Shima Seiki WholeGarment 3D knitting machines. That means a seamless design and almost zero waste during manufacturing. They finish each sweater off by hand with a ‘smit mark’ at the back of the collar, using leftover yarn that would otherwise go to waste. Circular thinking to make each sweater a one-off.
Where it is knit.
Our Warehouse &
Our Warehouse & Logistics.
We send all our knitwear with our fulfilment partners Airbox, based in the UK. From November 2020, Airbox will have the first carbon-neutral fulfilment site in the UK. Their new site will not only be carbon-neutral during its operation but has been built carbon-neutral during construction. It also has an A+ EPC Energy rating and joins a handful of companies to be achieve an ‘Excellent’ BREEAM rating. This is scored not only on sustainability but the positive contribution the site will have on the local council.

The site will be completely solar powered, with panels producing 212.10kWp of energy, saving 93.37 tonnes of CO2 per year. Staff at Airbox enjoy the benefits of e-bike and electric car charging points. And even the bin stores have Co2 absorbing sedum roofs. Airbox wants to take the lead on sustainable fulfilment and ensuring that this becomes the new norm in the fulfilment industry.
Where it is sent to you.
Knitwear to Save
Some World.
Our Unisex Knitwear
The Light
Our Unisex Knitwear
Edition 01: Reconnection
Our Unisex Knitwear
The Medium
The Knitwear Journey.*
We design knitwear that reconnects us. That makes us more aware of the journey. That tells us the full story of the people and impact behind the things we wear.
*Worried about the amount of counties? Don’t Panic. Transport and travel is less than 1% of our overall carbon footprint.