Sheep Inc. is a collaboration between Nature and Humans. We use the best material nature has to offer and improve it through human ingenuity. The Result?

Supremely wearable, naturally carbon negative knitwear.
This is a specific way of managing land to ensure that agriculture becomes part of the solution to the climate crisis, not part of the problem. There’s no carbon offsetting here. Through natural plant and soil processes our farm operations remove more CO2 from the atmosphere than they emit.
Nerd Out on Farming
Maximise Biodiversity
There are more micro-organisms in a teaspoon of soil than people on Earth. These living organisms create soil fertility and are reliant on a careful balance of the ecosystem.Planting single tree species to cheaply achieve CO2 reduction targets is therefore not the answer — it may have short term benefits, but this can cause long term environmental damage.Our Farmers have a strong focus on keeping a rich mix of biodiversity throughout their properties. As keeping a harmonious balance in nature is crucial for the long term benefit of their land, and therefore our planet.
Sheep playing their part
Integrating sheep into a holistic regenerative farming strategy, can make them play a key part in improving the land. And is what makes our wool that extra bit special.Our farmers rotate their sheep's grazing patterns so both soil and plants get a breather — and store more carbon in the process. At the same time, sheep provide a natural source of organic matter, whilst also encouraging new plant growth.Our Farmers are also trialling practices to reduce sheep’s methane impact. Recent trials adding seaweed supplements to the sheep’s feed have cut methane emissions by about 70%.
Data driven improvements
All of our Sheep Stations are part of the ZQRX Program, meaning they both conform to the highest ethical farming standards worldwide and use proprietary technology to analyse the farm’s impact and drive improvements.Each farm is indexed against a score card that takes all aspects of on farm activity into account. From animal welfare, to biodiversity to social welfare. This score sheet allows us to understand exactly where improvements can be made, and where to focus our biodiversity fund resources.
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The perfect
There are quite a few steps between shearing a sheep and delivering an ultra-soft, temperature-regulating sweater with a positive impact on the planet, to your door.
At each of these steps we are always look for new ways to increase the positive footprint left behind so we do things like 3D-knit all of our items so that our biodegradable items are also zero waste.Our ironing system is even powered by recycled wood chips that once burnt, are scattered as ash onto fields to fertilise new plant growth.

We’ve torn up the rule book in our supply chain to ensure no stone goes unturned as we navigate our mission to be a positive impact on the planet.
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Poly-bags are fashion’s dirty little secret, with half a billion of them produced and chucked every year. Plastic has no business in our supply chain, so we’ve designed fully compostable bio-bags to transport our clothing from the manufacturers to the warehouse in place of the virgin polymer bags widely used across the rest of the industry.
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Our transport carbon footprint sits at around +0.6 kg of CO2 impact per sweater. That’s more than offset by the -10kg of CO2 naturally taken off by our farming methods, but we’ll continue to develop new transport systems at every stage of our process to bring this number down.
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And yes, that does include looking into transport by wind.
100% Traceable at the tap of a phone.
Tap the (removable) NFC tag on all our knits with your phone to access the full story of its creation. From the farm the wool is from, to the person who hand-finished it. Made from a castor bean derived bioplastic, the tag serves as a symbol of accountability.
Meet your sheep.
When you first tap the NFC, we’ll connect you with your very own sheep from the same New Zealand farm your knit’s wool is from. It’s our way of bringing you back in touch.

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The Knitwear Journey.*
We design knitwear that reconnects us. That makes us more aware of the journey. That tells us the full story of the people and impact behind the things we wear.
*Worried about the amount of counties? Don’t Panic. Transport and travel is less than 1% of our overall carbon footprint.